With the high cost of replacing existing pavement, maintenance becomes essential. Excess fuel stains can make asphalt soft. Sunlight oxidation can make pavement dry and brittle. Winter weather causes freeze thaw cracks, especially in New England. The mild winters can be just as harmful as the a harsh winters.

Our asphalt sealer is an INDUSTRIAL CONCENTRATE. We use this sealer on all of our jobs, residential driveways or commercial parking areas. We work closely with our supplier, Amguard, to improve our products. Driveway Doctor's blend of Amguard¨ sealers is a consistent material.

NO BUCKETS! The material is constantly agitated from the moment it's created to the moment it reaches your pavement surface. It is produced, at the plant, in a continuously agitated vat, transfered into tractor trailers equiped with agitation, pumped into our holding tanks that are equiped with mechanical agitation, moved into our application trucks that are equiped with mechanical agitation, and finally applied to your parking lot or driveway.

There are no buckets to stir and no buckets to throw in a landfill. The material never has time to settle or separate. This ensures a consistent and quality application with proper adhesion. All this makes Driveway Doctor's blend of Amguard sealers a predictable product in our unpredictable climate.

Our durable non-skid sealer provides more traction than any premium grade sealer. Amguard non-skid sealer is a sand mix sealer. Sand mix sealer also provides an attractive flat black finish vs. the shiny finish of many other types of sealers.

Standard application

  • 1 coat - Residential
  • 2 coats - Damaged Residential
  • Keep cars off driveway for 48 hrs.
  • Keep foot traffic off driveway for 24 hrs.
  • Driveway Doctor will barricade the end of your driveway with caution tape.

Commercial Application

  • 1 or 2 coats - Most common in high traffic areas.
  • Please keep traffic off driving and parking areas for 24 hours.

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